Everything you need for a successful grow hemp

My opinion is different from the usual “Benefits” and “Journals” and so on. These are rather rational conclusions with dialectical implications. But the bottom line is that this is enough!!!
Stop filling your head with all sorts of shit, like DNAT 600 and Flora series.
First, take it as an axiom that hemp is a weed, an extremely powerful and strong plant, which, in principle, does not need your care. Those. make a habit of the principle – “do not fix what is not broken.”Here are the points, in order of importance, what to pay attention to:


1. Genetics. The most important thing in the grove. If you are a beginner, do not try to buy seeds from little-known banks, do not take regular seeds. Buying cheap incomprehensible genetics, you save on matches, like the last loshara and the homeless. And you lose (deservedly, so you bitch should) the most valuable thing – time !!! I am silent about negative emotions, spent electricity, and so on. GENETICS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT. A mongrel will remain a mongrel, and you cannot make an Aryan out of a Negro or a Jew.

2. Substrate. Earth. Priming. Many (if not all) underestimate this point. And he is in second place in importance! The soil is the home for the plant. In it, the plant spends 100% of its time, it is from the soil that the plant takes MATTER and SUBSTANCES from which it builds its body. Think about how much metaphysics there is – at the entrance we have a pot of earth, and at the exit – an amazing plant with a height of one meter, filled with THC. Hemp is an incredible chemical lab, digesting earth into THC.The soil is very important – in an ideal charged soil, a plant can do without fertilizers, and if you plant a plant in sand or clay, then at least fill it with your Ripen – you won’t get fucking good.

3. Water. The second elemental in importance after Earth. Do not be greedy and find purchased artesian water, it costs a penny. It is Water that is absorbed by our roots from the Earth. Think about it, not about your fucking Flora Series!

4. Light. The third elemental is Fire. Many will start arguing and repeating fables about their retarded HPS. To which I will answer them – buy shit seeds, plant them in clay and water them with water from batteries, let’s see what grows under your 600 HPS. If you follow my instructions. Checked. So no, light is overrated in the importance of grow, especially for beginners.

5. Fertilizers. Here we come to these ripens of yours. Think about them when you decide all the points above. And I will reassure you – forget about these vigorous schemes and periodic tables with calculators. This is a scam for stoned motherfuckers (just kidding, don’t be offended). JUST USE ORGANIC. NITROGEN – blood meal, PHOSPHORUS – guano, POTASSIUM – molasses. ALL FUCK. And you will forget about your PSh and TDS and other shit if you follow this advice + p.2 and p.3. Then say thank you.

6. Temperature, blowing. The last elemental, Air, is not as important as the others. Well, it’s just that everything is clear here – in the heat and high humidity, the plant will be bad.

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