Pests for cannabis

Pests for cannabis

Everywhere fluently described pests for cannabis and how to deal with them, I decided to create a topic and proven methods of combating them.

Dry ends

Dry ends of marijuana leaves

There are several reasons why your plants develop brown tips on their leaves that look like they have been dried or burned. These problems are often easy to fix.
Brown, dry tips on leaves can be caused by chemicals in tap water, flooding or overdrying of the earthen ball, pests, dry air, or excessive fertilization.


Germination according to the principle of perlite cradle

From a small, very tiny grain, a new green, real living life begins. The future beautiful plant rests under a patterned shell. The potential is still sleeping inside the little nut, and how long it wakes up will depend only on the hands of the cultivating grower.

But before the bush that grows and delights us, one exciting moment must pass – Birth.

The emergence of a new life in a person is always accompanied by increased emotions and some restlessness. This is always responsible and disturbing for the vigilant of the process.

There are proven recipes for awakening a seed, getting a completely healthy bore, obviously a strong baby, from which it will be easy to unleash the true potential of the genetics you are interested in.

seed germination

seed germination

Wetting the seeds is a good way to increase the percentage of germinating seeds and increase the speed of germination. There are several ways to germinate by wetting, in one way or another they are similar to each other, here are the two main, most popular “Towel Method” (one of the variations of Sanchez actually) and “Normal Wetting” (wetting in a cup or some similar container), both give the same good result if the hands grow from where they should (the spine appears in about a day).


How to properly dry cannabis and cure the crop

After drying, any variety will benefit from a slow cure. As a result of curing, atmospheric oxygen converts cannabinoids and terpenes into more valuable compounds. When the crop is so dry that a crunch is heard when the stems are bent, it is placed in an airtight glass container. Once the oxygen inside is used up, the process stops.


Everything you need for a successful grow hemp

My opinion is different from the usual “Benefits” and “Journals” and so on. These are rather rational conclusions with dialectical implications. But the bottom line is that this is enough!!!
Stop filling your head with all sorts of shit, like DNAT 600 and Flora series.
First, take it as an axiom that hemp is a weed, an extremely powerful and strong plant, which, in principle, does not need your care. Those. make a habit of the principle – “do not fix what is not broken.”

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